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By Zilliquister
With the tens of millions of roads in our countries we could easily replace the Internal combustion engine by simply creating trackless trolly vehicles using solar panels as a dome to cover roadways eliminating Snow and rain removal This would also make Rail travel a more viable solution to the diesel engines that trains use for cargo. Eliminating the fuel charges and using solar powered trains it would be a huge improvement to the atmosphere . The excess power generated from the current trunk lines could be used for lighting of the surrounding community, Gates for RR Crossings, Air circulation inside the domes and lighting, etc. These ideas are easily implemented over a course of changes made within a few years time. Sealed domes over the road would eliminate some if not all weather related accidents. Produce enough power to eliminate all roadway lighting from the power grid. Freeing up that money to be used for better purposes like Education. Less money spent on power by each city who implements this system. Saving billions on lighting and road repairs due to freezing water on the asphalt roads ,Plowing ,and bridge repair. small turbines placed on the downspouts and run off of rain to generate even more power.

Reward: Better use of State / Community funds. Less Taxes for those who implement this in their towns. Lower electric bills and much much more.

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