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By Quentinb
Was watching Discovery channel last night and again they showed surfers being attacked by sharks.

I don't know if something like this already exists as I am not a surfer, but I was thinking why not put something on the surfboard to warn the surfer that a large fish/shark is close or even better to repel the shark.

Some small sensor based thing with a rechargeable battery.

Reward: Whatever you feel like giving me, I really don't care. I am not a surfer so a device will not benefit me.
By freerpg
I am no surfer myself but am thinking the surfers are trying to stay upright and not look at screens, and the water might dull the noise of a siren from the board,
so how about a sonar on all popular beaches to detect large fish like creatures, this will have the bonus that if anyone is missing they can scan the sonar to identify where they are most likely located.
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