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By basilg
Working as a programmer (and not only) in non-English speaking country makes one switch (rather often) the keyboard layout - from English to native language and back. And very often while typing fast, how irritating it is to 'discover'
that you actually haven't switched. If there were a keyboard that would illuminate the current assignment of keys
(English or native language) it would kill two birds with one stone: help using keyboard at night and save time and nerve for those using two languages alternately and switching between them.

Reward: a keyboard described above
By basilg
Steve wrote:What do you mean by separate - different color for different languages?

People using and switching btween two languages input view a pair of letters on each keyboard key
(just FYI in case you are using English only).
It's not the matter of color. A "dream-keyboard" for me would be the one backlinghting the currently selected
(via the traditional 'Alt-Shift ' or any other) layout.
Say if I'm typing in English - the english letters are backlit only, and when I switch to my native language - native
alphabet letters are backlit only.
Sometimes when typing very fast you look at the keyboard but not the screen, you know...
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