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By jeffreyw
Well, it seems that I have made an incredibly important discovery concerning the star sciences.

Star evolution is planet formation.

A planet is an ancient, dying star, and a star is a new planet. They are the exact same objects.

Earth is an evolved star. The Sun is a very, very young planet.

This is incredible blasphemy to the astrophysical community. As all real discoveries go, will not be accepted in my life time, but I'd thought I would share with you people. The nebular hypothesis is not needed. All stars die, cool and shrink to become what humans call "planets".

The theory is called "The General Theory of Stellar Metamorphosis".

They simply forgot half of their stellar evolution "models" by calling stars "planets". LOLOL!! It's a simple fix!
I have been continuing the development of the theory and pointing out basic flaws of establishment dogma.

I love to title the papers "stellar metamorphosis versus establishment dogma" because I think that is the most appropriate description. Stellar metamorphosis is not taught in school and not taken as fact regardless. Establishment has only ONE model for star evolution.

Because they only have one model for star evolution this should be cause for concern. Where is there only one type of vehicle? One type of house? One type of fruit? One type of personality? One type of element?

Clearly there are other models, but they do not get attention because there is only one that is funded by establishment. They have a monopoly on science and a monopoly on anything really needs further examination.

Monopolies are good for some circumstances, but not for others. When a monopoly on understanding is presented, it prevents further new discoveries and insight from making an appearance. This is incredibly bad for the progress of humanity.

All of my papers can be found on Jeffrey J Wolynski
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