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By hsh
I always put on deodorant before working out, but I seem to have skin irritations whenever I use them. The reason is because the way deodorants function is by clogging pores with chemical called Aluminum oxide, preventing pores from emitting sweat. However, sweating is a natural and healthy process, and clogging pores to prevent it with strong chemicals can harm skin. Therefore, I've came up with the idea of a different type of deodorant that does not clog pores, but only extinguish the odor that sweat produces. Armpit sweat contains distinctive odor due to the ammonia caused by germs. So this new deodorant will only eliminate the odor-causing germs with pasteurizing subsistence, not bothering the natural process of healthy sweating.
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By geryc
I haven't used aluminium-containing deodorant for years, since I discovered potassium alum, which is safe, effective and natural.
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