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By videoman
I recently purchased an extremely expensive GOURMET cooking set and really wanted to display it in my new home,so I decided to purchase an iron (wall mounted) POT RACK.........I don't know about you but I didn't feel the need to pay as much as
$300.00 for this item.
This got me to thinking and looking, so I went to my local Home Improvement center
(you know the ones) and walked around looking for item to make my own POT RACK.
Long story short I ended up in the Garden shop and discovered that they carried just what I wanted.........It's called a "Bread Basket Planter" or "Planter trough" and they are made of sturdy iron.
My idea is quite simple (1) Choose the one you like (2) Mount it to the wall (upside-down) (3) Use "S" Hooks to hang your pots
This idea cost me a total of $22.79....savings of $277.21

Reward: Sticking it to expensive decorating ideas.

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