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By shankitr
I have found many people "saliva" their fingers to flip pages. A very dirty habit indeed! How about pages that have edges that are wet so that there is no more saliva fingered flippings.

Reward: A blank tome with the innovated pages
By MissPlayful
The idea of making pages easier to turn is a good one. Maybe you could coat the fringes of pages with some material that would make them easier to flip with dry fingers. Wet edges would surely soon dry off. Furthermore, paper does not like being wet, so it crinkles. And if you have health concerns, dry is much safer than wet.
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By Steve
Slightly off topic: I've never understood why people have problems turning the pages of a book. At least I've never had problems - maybe it's just a matter of the right technique? :-?
By shankitr
Dear Miss Playful,

thanks for the feedback.. shall take ur feedback . thanks a ton.. keep me posted on such feedbacks for better ideas. bye n take care.

Dear Mr.Steve,

welll i guess it is doubt.. but fliiping pages is more of an art i guess..... anyways./. shall try learning the technique .. but what baout many of those who saliva their fingers...
bye n take care
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By Michael D. Grissom
Office supply stores sell a solution for this. Dabbing your finger tip on a pad turns it into something similar to the sticky part of a post-it-note. I imagine that combining antibiotics with the adhesive (if they don't already do that) might make this viable solution.

You might also try sharpening and wearing a finger fitted guitar pick?

As for me... I'll just wait for the movie. :-P
By Rishi
Edmund Scientific Company, USA used to sell a sticky thimble like thing that you put on the forefinger (left or right) that made page turning a snap. But a snap with that on would have been difficult. I agree with Steve though. I have no difficulty turning pages.

By Target359
paper would bind together when together and wet
By Jack Nobbz
patent it. wet paper, it's genius. get together the $100,000 or so required for a full international patent, and just go nuts dude. you can have wet bread so it'd be easier to seperate! how about wet clothes that are more slippery to put on :O!

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