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By saltaholic
What about making Flat Screen TV's flatter by putting all of the unessacary components inside another box, that could be hidden somewhere, and then the TV would just be speakers, the lcd screen and the buttons, and it will have wires running to the other box that does all that other stuff or it could be wireless, either way would be good.
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By cynet
They are developing new screens with more plastic than glass. This will cut down on some of the weight. Plus you have probably have seen clocks that you see through while you only see the LCD time; keep that concept in mind while you picture color dots instead of the time; fill the screen with packed dots and you have a color screen that is as thin as two pieces of paper. Just pray it works onehundred percent of the time; otherwise you will begin to see through the screen.
Thinking about this has proposed a new idea.
See "Flat 3D screen".
By saltaholic
So you're saying that if you add layers and layers of this, it would look 3d?

If that's what you're saying, that's a pretty good idea.
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By Michael D. Grissom
There is another topic on this forum that addresses "Paper Thin Monitors" based on a UK patent I think. I remember drawing and posting a cartoon there about what I think might happen to monitors that thin. :-B
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