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By claykemper
Remember the miniature softball-like object that Luke Skywalker tried to swat while learning his light sabre skills?

Every space shuttle or other manned spacecraft could have one of these aboard to be released upon reaching orbit. Its main purpose would be to inspect the spacecraft or the International Space Station to detect defects or other problems.

There could be a small self-contained, battery-powered motor and battery that could last several hours. It would then be retrieved and its information analyzed. For longer durations, it could have a skin comprised of solar-collecting cells. Universities around the world could competitively bid to get a contract to build these.
By Daryl666
one problem with this is that the technology for using electricity for propulsion in space is just starting off and is by no means small or working that well. The craft would have to br propelled by a compressed gas rocket like all other tropelled things in space.
By starcraftdude89
hello? ever heard of spy satilites? It would be cool, so you could have that thing floating around, you could make sure your girlfried wasn't cheating on you...

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