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By thornla_1
Someone should invent an alarm clock that is built into a toaster. At night you can set the alarm for a time and when it reaches that time it starts to toast the bread that you put in the night before. It should also have some way of waking you up. Such as gentle music or something.

Reward: Free toaster
By FreeTigress

The problem with that is if you put the bread in the night before, it will be stale by morning when the toaster is toasting it.....
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By Michael D. Grissom
So... we build a refridgeration unit into the toaster to keep the bread fresh, an extremely accurate vapor dispensor to keep the bread from drying in the dry refridgerated air, a pop-up lid to keep cool air in and roaches out, and a warmer to keep the toast warm in the event that you don't arrive into the kitchen withing 2 minutes of the toast popping up.

Don't laugh... Best Buy now carries an oven that doubles as a refridgerator to keep the food cold until the timer tells it to start cooking AND a timer controlled microwave that has a built in toaster.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of future innovators. ;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
If you REALLY want to do this -- I just had a second thought...

From Radio Shack (or the like) purchase an appliance timer (about 5 dollars) that plugs into the wall socket. Plug the toaster into the new timer. Set the timer for when you want the toasting to START, insert the toast, depress the toaster actuator to lock it into the toasting position, and then optionally lay a small sheet of aluminum screen (don't use foil) over the top of the toaster. The toaster will START toasting when the timer applies power to it and STOP toasting when the toasters internal timer pops the toast up.

Problem solved! ;-D
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By Steve
Mike, now I know that with an aluminium foil, you will be awakened by the cozy crackling of a burning toaster - but what's an aluminium screen? 8-o
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By Michael D. Grissom
Steve, in the US window screen is available in aluminum. This would allow normal heat flow out of the toaster but prevent bugs from getting in. That's why it is optional -- some people don't have bugs.
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By Steve
Ok, learned something new! ;-D
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