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By Becky Loveridge
As i work in a clothes shop i get constantly annoyed when things get stolen because of the crappy security tags that are used today! The solution? A new design for security tags one that people cant rip off the clothes, or take off with magnets, one that will actually work and stop theft.
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By Steve
Interesting topic. :-? What about the tags that have a little ink container that will break if you try to rip it off. Ever come across that?
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By cynet
The manufactur could sow the ID tag into the hem or beltline for pants. For that matter the ID could be imbeded into the clothing. Just like what they do for CD's and DVD's. The manufcture places the electrical tag inside the case. You literaly have to open the product to rip out the tag.

Once I had a tag in a article of clothing the didn't get de-magnitized. I kenpt walking into and out of stores one day seting off all sorts of alarms. I finally found the tag in the back pocket of my jeans. I still have that nifty little tag for when I want to set off a alarm. It funny when your walking in, because everyone looks at the people going out. :-b
By Pearlygirly
What about something along the lines of the tag used for tagging offenders - if they cant get it off themselves then they arent gonna be be able to get it off the clothing! ;-7

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