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By foxwordy
We have all the new XM radio and a million other FM amd AM stations. But how often do you hear the song you like? There should be a way you could download a song directly to car radio to hear. Some type of radio pool of songs you can pay a yearly fee and listen to any song you like at any time, without having to burn a CD or download MP3's.

Reward: Free music.
By that'smyQueue!
I wanna a console with buttons, I tap in some codes - the music I want plays. Simple! Easy technology that delivers what you want when you want it.

I don't have to buy tapes, CDs. I don't get to see these collecting dust. I clean them so they only get broken...
I don't have to download anything from the net. I don't want loads of equipment.
I just pay a small annual subscription for unlimited access to any kind of music - or film...
The subscription fee means the producers of the sound or images still get paid. If the producers want to survive, this is the way to go! The only reason piracy exists is cos the products, by the time shops/outlets have put their hefty fee on, are too darn expensive!
By lboutet
All that it would take is a very micro computer with satellite communication (they do it with GPS now) to get your radio hooked into the Internet. Sure it would be a download, but with the technology that we have today, it could be made almost instantaneous. The problem that has to be solved is how to find the seleection that you want out of the millions of MP3s that are out there, and how do you communicate your selection. Communication your selection could be through brainwave. There is some advanced research going on in this area today, like intercepting what you want to say.
By jacobpatrick
im sure a song could be streamed to your car radio instead of downloaded and then then played back.

and as for an interface you definately wouldnt want to use your hands or eyes.

so maybe voice command whereby you would say or spell the name of the song alum or band you wanted to hear.

the technology is here,where is the product????????
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