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By claykemper
This combination computer stand and CD carousel would hold several hundred CD's, like a juke box of old.

CD's would be catagorized for easy access and available at the touch of an on screen button or digital information screen on the carousel. Music, word processing, drawings, photos--all would be easy to store and easy to get to. No more plastic cases.

This would not be too difficult or expensive to manufacture. Sony, HP, Dell, and many computer accessory manufactures could make this product for a nice profit.

Reward: I want one!
By nephilim
a bit like cd multichangers in cars. pioneer made one that held either one or two hundred discs a few years back.
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By FlatTop808
Is this what you're looking for?

The few prices I could find (for Pioneer) were shockingly high, US$10,000 and up. If you can get a 100 or 200 disc audio CD changer for under US$200, why can't you get one for CD-ROMs for about the same? Or can you? Anyone find something I didn't?
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By FlatTop808
That does sound like what claykemper was after. I think I interpreted his post differently. I thought he was looking for a carousel with a built in drive so that it would retreive the disc and read it all on its own. If anybody knows of a cheap version of this, let me know.
By KillerTCell
I have been searching for hours on the internet to find any sort of modification guide for changing a CD changer into a CD Organizer. I have found nothing so now I simply want to use some software and I will just look up and then manuelly select the number of my cd on my RCA-9400.

I can't seem to find any software for this. The best thing I can find is here:

This software looks exactly like what I need but I cant use it without the tower. I broke the password on the access database with it but the cues for catagories are in chinese? Anyway... I will find the software but
I do not see why this could not be modified to at least work like the tower/carousels or even like those with reading capabilites. If the laser reader is not capable of data or sends in a proprietery stream could I not simply take the main componets of an external CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and put it in the place of the other CD reading guts? I am afraid this is beyond my capabilities without some sort of help.

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