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By nephilim
A simple device that sits between dog collar and lead, that when pulled beyond a pre set tension, emits a high pitched whistle that dog hears but you can't. Annoys your dog so much he stops pulling, or rather 'gently reminds' your pooch when he pulls too much (got to beat a kick up the jacksy).

I suppose construction would be like those scales that fishermen use. Amazingly simple to make and cheap to sell. I'd pay a fiver for one anyway.

Reward: i want one
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By Michael D. Grissom
All pet stores sell "choker collars" to resolve this problem. Have you tried this?
By nephilim
i have but what about the old bags that can barely hold on to their beasts :-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Then add 5 to 1 (or so) ratio pulleys to the collar so that it takes 5 times less pull to do the same job. Note: about 8 to 1 would probably kill most dogs.
By nephilim
mmm could i do this in reverse to give my jack russel 8 times the strength? :-B
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By Michael D. Grissom
Whatever you do -- be careful!!!
By RawThinkTank
carry a strong stick with several pointed forked ends at one end. No No Not for poking the dear animal. The level of these pointed should be such that they will all touch the gorund together. the stick should have a pedal to press the stick in the ground. Now, the dogs belt is attached to the lower level of the stick. Whenever the dogs tries to pull just press the stick in the ground and press hard on it with your foot on the pedal.
By Rishi
The dog is able to pull because it is able toget a purchase with its nails. Can we reduce this by putting on the feet(The dog's feet of course) low friction shoes made of Teflon or Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene? If the dog tries to pull too hard it would only scramble.

By RawThinkTank
Someone may argue over my post that it wont work on hard surfaces; well for that we can create another pedal with breaks like material to push on ground and just stop the menace.
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