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By CodeThumper
My wife is into scrapbooking (creating pages with personal photos with a theme).

I thought it would be cool to have a site where you could create scrapbook pages on the internet to share with family and friends.

To make this effective and enjoyable for people who scrapbook the site should have the ability to do a few things:

- to save unfinished work.
- to customize the borders, background, and graphics (possibly drag and drop).
- to upload personal images.
- to print.

It could also have a rating system and gallery for the better works. For beginners or people without a lot of time there could be templates.

I would love to see people expand on this idea.

Or maybe just a site for people to scan in theier current scrapbook pages.

Reward: Realization of the idea and a let me know where to access the site.
By cillig
Shoot me an email, lets discuss this idea of yours. I would be able to make this online program & have a 2nd tier connection with a couple web servers so hosting or bandwith is not a problem. I think that this could be both profitable for both of us if jumped on. My email address is <a href=""></a>
By Tyger
I always hear scrapbookers on TV talking about archival supplies, and acid free paper. I was wondering if normal printer paper would make the pictures degrade. Then I looked around the internet for an answer and saw this site. They already do the same thing more or less. They also had the answer to my question There is special scrapbooking paper for the printer. A bit over a dollar a sheet, that is cheap when you figure how much money you are saving by customizing your printouts. Normal packets of diecuts and stuff are expensive and you never use all the pieces, there is a lot of waste.

Any great idea needs more than one website. Don't let this deter you. There are millions of scrapbookers waiting for this. I'm skilled with photoshop if you need a hand.
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By Greenearthman
it is 2007 and this is still a very good idea, is not very user friendly. My girl is into this stuff and could be profitable and she had trouble using the above website. So i am trying to figure this out. but good idea, Tyger!
By Ungrak
This is a good idea. I think you could do this with flash like many of the photo slide show things and personal jukebox Flash media doodads for bands to play their music on. I wish I knew flash programming well enough and all of the rest of the web programming to go along with supporting the website. :(

I think I will go and read about PHP and scour eBay for flash. This is just one of a few cool things that haven't been done that could be done with flash media.
By Ungrak
#12671 Here is one that looks pretty much what the person was thinking of. This is a flash based, no registration needed to try flash based scrap booking program for the web. If you like it you publish it and register. You can buy CDs, phot's etc. comming soon.
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