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By Maira
When some friends comes in to your house, don't you want them to say "Wow! You have an organized clean room!"? Well, now if your closet is always throwing up clothes out of it and you dont want anyone seeing how unorganized and/or lazy you are, you can use this advice:

Have a closet that would actually push into your wall and a door would cover it like there's nothing there! To get the closet out, there would be wheels under it. It wouldn't show if your closet is just a blast. Then your mom doesn't have to worry about yelling at you to clean your room and you don't have to worry about cleaning it.

Reward: Have a closet like that in my room, perhaps?
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By Michael D. Grissom
My daughter had the same problem. I built and installed a large deep box (THE DITCH) between her bed and the wall. Anything that was not in its proper place could be thrown against the wall where it would slide down into the "ditch". Her room could be cleaned in seconds. The idea was that it would be far more trouble for her to crawl into the ditch and find what she needed than simply putting it where it belongs in the first place. That didn't work. She spent years rumaging though the ditch.

Then I tried something new that worked perfectly. Everytime we had a visitor (even her friends and boyfriends) I would immediately give them a tour of her room. She became a 'neat freak' within a week.
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