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By alizubair
My idea is to have an Automatic Nail Clipper/Cutter. The user should only have to insert the upper portion of his/her finger into this device. This device senses the extra grown up area of the nail and clips/cuts it gently.

Additionally this device should have a filer as well so that after the Nail has been cut, it can be smoothened as well.

Reward: A good digital camera.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Unfortunately fingers and finger nails are pretty much like finger prints -- as different as faces. So... to make this work you would have to invent a user customizable automatic clipper?

Instead, I'm thinking maybe a cordless ultrasonic nibbler-clipper which would act as both a clipper and file simultaneously. This would function like and electric shaver for your nails.

Because almost every human on earth clips thier nails I think this is an idea that's well worth brainstorming (high market value).

Consider this an official "Triple Dog Dare" to anyone reading this topic.
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By Steve
"Electronic Shaver for Nails" sounds like a cool approach. ;-D

Remember the last time you broke a limb, and after a couple of weeks they took off the cast? In hospitals they have this circular saw that cuts through the hard material, but for some reason it doesn't cut your leg (or arm). I have no clue how this thing works, but maybe the same principle might come in handy here. :-?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Black & Decker makes a circular saw that uses this principle as a safety feature. You can cut through a 4" X 4" beam then try to touch the spinning saw blade and it will instantly stop BEFORE your finger can actually touch the blade. I've never researched it but if I were to guess at how it works, I would guess that it works capacitively like the touch-on touch-off lamps available everywhere. The blade brake discouples the blade (say 1/16 of an inch from your 'charged' skin) from the mass of the motor allowing the blade to be friction braked to a stop almost instantly. I had to witness the B&D rep do it several times before I had the guts to try it myself.
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By swimmer
nails should only be cut by the classical nail cutter , because it is almost impossible to make an automatic mechanical system that does the job . ther is lots of error possibilities .

we must make our selves confortable , but not that much . we musent make the toilet come to us , we must go to the toilet ! :-)

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