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By Robert Booth
Imagine... an airliner designed to give all of the passengers a panoramic view! Imagine fleets of them flying thousands of tourists low and slow throughout a network of resorts located at the world's greatest attractions, no matter how urban or remote.

With STOL runways, hotels, restaurants, shops and ground transportation systems, these franchised complexes are strategically placed along scenic flight paths that wind through areas like the Grand Canyon, the Amazon, the African Plains, the Outback, the Pyramids, Niagara, Victoria and Angel Falls, and along the Nile, the Mississippi and China's Great Wall.

Imagine the Earth is like a magnificent theme park where people on all continents can spend hours, days or weeks touring its wonders while vacationing along the routes of Lewis & Clark, Lafayette, Columbus, Polo, the Pioneers, the French, the Spaniards, the Romans and the Vikings, to name a few.

This worldwide tour operation is managed within a satellite communications & reservations system. The system incorporates an interactive touch-screen monitor, which points out and explains interesting things the passengers clearly see below. They are amazed with the moving maps and displays of their aircraft's flight instruments, navigation systems and weather radar. They enjoy the live video connection with relatives back home, and making unlimited calls to anywhere, even to their fellow passengers, to the reservations center and their flight crew. Because they are visually orientated, informed and in-touch with their world, the public is now comfortable with flying and can relax and enjoy the breathtaking view before them.

Reward: Receive a booklet describing this idea in detail.
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By Michael D. Grissom
As a pilot, I think and airplane would have to fly too high and fast to be able to see any detail on the ground.

They are starting to build blimps again (in the US) for the tourist industry but these are only big enough to be practical for touring specific areas like the Grand Canyon.

Also, if your library is big enough, look for a 1950's era copy of Popular Science with an article on the flying wing for commercial aviation. The massive leading edge of the wings were curved windows for sight seeing. They even made a TV editorial about it that was shown recently on cable TV.

OH... and you're right, VTOL is definately the way to go for low flying sight-seeing in an airplane and for landing at resorts. Sign me up!
By Jack Nobbz
good idea, cos giant planes flying around major sites of beauty won't kill the vibe or anything.

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