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By kimmee
Have you ever gone for a tan at the beach and came back glowing from the sun but left with unwated tan lines? And when the occasion comes to dress up in a stunning bare-backed top/gown, those hideous tan lines ruined them all. If only someone would come up with a sort of material for swimwear that allows the rays of the sun to penetrate it yet prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from entering. So one can troop down to the beach and get a tan with no worries of getting skin cancer nor an uneven tan....
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By Michael D. Grissom
Strange coincidence kimmee... I just finished a post where we were talking about CLEAR talcum powder that won't show up on clothing. Now I'm seeing a need for CLEAR clothing that's not see-through (assuming).

The only thing I can think of would be fabric woven from clear fibers that have an ultraviolet coating. If the weeve was thick enough it wouldn't be see-through but would pass the suns rays.

BTW... my favorite color is CLEAR because it leaves open all other possibilities.
By mtd28student
The same ultra violet rays that cause cancer also cause you to tan....
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By Michael D. Grissom
Yes but... you're golden brown when you die. Doesn't that count for something?
By z4roadster
This has already been invented, they're called "Tan-Thru Suits" for men and women. They have about an SPF of 10 and they aren't see-through wet or dry.
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By Michael D. Grissom
You wouldn't by any chance have a URL for this product would you?
I've seen those. They've been around for quite awhile, but they seriously need a new fashion designer.

Something tells me the current designer is an avid golfer with a not-so open mind.
BTW, I was mostly referring to their men's clothes.

The women's clothes/swimsuits designer can stay :-D

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