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By sanju
There should be some kind of glass or mug which heats the liquid which it holds inside it and keeps it hot for a long time. As soon as the liquid is put inside the container the liquid reacts with the chemical coating inside the mug and starts a heating process which heats the liquid. And which can be disposed of after a single use.

Reward: let me have 1 of it
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By Steve
I know this has already been invented for instant cooling of soda and beer cans - would be interesting to know if it also works the other way. :-?
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By Michael D. Grissom
The chemical coating would be expended in the process and have to be replenished after use. There are marketed electrical solutions for this within topics on this site. HOWEVER,... this might be a great idea for disposable cups! If you can find a chemical engineer that can do this -- you'll make $MILLIONS$ -- if the chemical is economic and FDA approvable. Like Steve said, there are marketed heating chemicals for cans, bottles, etc. but the chemicals are always separated by (example) a can within a can, but, if it can be done with a "coating" then you eliminate the secondary container and thus make $$$MILLIONS$$$.
By Rishi
There are many chemicals which can release substantial amount of heat when they come in contact with water. None of them are non-toxic to my knowledge. Besides, one needs about 20 watt hours of heat to heat a 6 ounce glass of liquid through from 80 F to 140 F. It will need a fairly large amount of material to provide this much heat.

Since water is a necessary starter, the reaction products will dissolve in the drink. It is not sure what it will do to the taste even if it is non-toxic. It is safest to separate physically the chemical heater from the food.


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