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Every time I go out in the hot sun in tropical climates, dirt, pollution and sweat gets stuck mostly on the neck collar area. Cuffs too get dirty a lot due on Full Arm shirts.

Dirty collar and cuffs are the the most important inspection points for a garment to get into the washing machine, even though the rest of the garment is still clean.

To avoid this, stick something like a transparent fabric sticker (something like a scotch tape) on the areas like collar and cuffs that will act as a barrier between the skin and the garment. Just remove the barrier sticker and stick a new one. Need to make sure that the Scotch tape does not damage the cloth and does no harm to the skin either.

Other barrier ideas can be thought of as well.

This should save the garment going into the washing machine saving electricity, water, washing powder and also enhances the life of the garment and the original color stays longer.

Reward: First 100 rolls of this Barrier Tape free !

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