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By Guy Joseph
Car tags that light just like store signs, connected to the electric system of the car. They can be any color.
By BMW E46
Well in Australia, the law is soo *beep* hush, they don't allow any color lights on your car, accept white (driving lights, reverse), red (parks, Brakes) and orange (indicators).

I had blue neons under my car, and Hey - I got a *beep* ticket for AUS $300, plus a warning. My buddy has blue lights in his windscreen washers on his bonnet, they gave him a AUS $ 200 fine plus a point of his license.

Apperently, this causes a distraction for other drivers.
Now I hear they thinking about making bodykits illegal and not allowed any chrome/ high polished mags on your vehicle - cause this is a cause of distraction from the dumb road duringthe day!!!

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