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By Scottie
The ventilation filter is not new, it is in most luxury vehicles. My idea is to make a add-on for all vehicles that ethers fits the air intake in front of the vehicle or goes on the vents in the vehicle. If it were manufactured to go in front or under the windshield air intake it would have a charcoal filter that cleans the air and can be injected remotely from inside the vehicle by the user with any fragrant, like roses or a vanilla scent. What ever the driver want to smell, instead of the exhaust from the vehicle in front of him.

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By Michael D. Grissom
The scent device is available as a cigarette lighter plug-in at: ... er%20image

The charcoal filter can be made by packing a net bag (available as a washing machine option) with the charcoal granules and packing it into your ventilation systems intake.

If you spray the charcoal with your preferred scent -- bingo!
By Rishi
Activated charcoal does its job because of the huge internal area, which could be in the region of a squre mile per pound. Any fragrance sprayed on it would be fully absorbed quickly. The other idea is much better. Have the charcoal filter on the intake, where it does the primary job of blocking the exhaust smells. The cigarette lighter thing does the air freshening inside. There are many wicked fragrance bottles that fit on the inside air vents, which do not require any electricity.


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