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By Steve
One problem that haunts me since I'm old enough to buy clothes: buying jeans that fit!

Typically I go into a store, buy the "perfect" pair of jeans, and after a couple of days they turn out to be way too big. Last time I even went back to the shop to return my pair for smaller ones, but then I ended up going home with the SAME jeans because they seemed just right, and a week later they were still a full inch too wide.

Ok, I admit that buying jeans directly after lunch is a stupid thing to do. But I am sure there is also a lot the jeans companies can do. Would it be so hard to pre-stretch the jeans so the customer gets a realistic feel for how big/wide they're actually gonna get? Or how about a double button system - because even if jeans fit perfectly when you walk, they'll still be a pain when you sit down and/or eat something. As far as I now, this problem has never been tackled!

Reward: Whatever the solution, I want those jeans soon, possibly for free.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Steve... you've really lost me on this one. I've always thought it to be the other way around... you always buy jeans that you eventually find are too small (grow out of). You must be on the Adkins Diet.
By Dona
I've always found that my jeans stretch more the longer I wear them but return to the original size after being washed.
By MaryfromMatawan
Yes, the all-cotton jeans will stretch out something awful. Look for blends with spandex, or a style with elastic in the back of the waist. They are made in mens and womens styles.
Also, consider the belt you are wearing. Some have elastic behind the buckle. That's much more comfortable than all leather.
By sneezyalex
How about a one size fits all? :-?
By viridian
the double buttons(zip?) is a good idea. Have to agree with Michael perfect jeans always seem to end up a bit too tight. I think I must always shop when I'm hungry!

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