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By David Harris
A simple low tech aid for the elderly or infirm, particularly those who may suffer from a motor neuron disorder or ailment which prevents the individual from achieving a secure grip. By wearing a light weight glove with a loop fabric palm and finger covering, which will facilitate the lifting and securing of cups, plated, implements and other items which have had attached hook Velcro pads. This idea works a treat.

Reward: A simple thank you e-mailed to me.
By will
wouldnt that make it harder for them to let go of, say, a grenade. or just a household glass. instead of harder to lift its hard to let go of it.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Yes,.. Velcro would be hard to let go of. So, wouldn't it be possible to design handles that only require insertion of the hand and gripping isn't necessary?
By Tyger
How about small magnets? The object could have small thin piece of metal attached. (Maybe a special metalic sticker or thin magnet.) The glove could have a battery powered magnet. Turn it on and it picks up the item, cut the power and it releases the item. I don't have any idea of how the make the switch so that it would workable in this situation.

Another use would be for people with arthritis.
By Rishi
Michael D. Grissom has it right. There are cups designed with a sort of slit in the base into which the whole palm slides. Please see the posting under 'spoon for disabled'.

Good for you, MDG! An extremely simple yet elegant solution.


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