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By d.stevenson_0013
My idea involves the use of the countless number of worn out tires.
Imagine using tires to make shoes.
-First you would need a machine to break down the tires and pulverize them almost to a powder.
-Next you would need to mix this material with a resin so it can be heated, formed and become a solid mass.
-This mixture of rubber and resin could then be heated in a mold. The mold would have the shape of treads on the bottom, and be about a half inch high. Also it would be made in several different sizes to accomodate foot sizes.
-The formed sole would be cooled, then attached to the upper portion of the shoe.
-There is a lot of tires out there in the world and a lot of feet to cover. I believe the durability would be amazing as people don't walk have as far as a tire has to drive.
I used to have a pair of "Tire Sandals" I picked up in Egypt. They (as have many other countries) have been doing that for a number of years.

Our North American / Western Culture recycles in a Big Way. 3rd World countries recycle on a much more intimate level.

They were the best sandals I ever had . . . took a while to 'flatten' out the curved nature of the tire . . .. .
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By Michael D. Grissom
I still have my "tire sandals" from my hippy 60 days and the tire tread seems to be wearing far better than any of my standard shoe treads ever did. They appear to have been punched directly out of the radius of an old passenger car tire.
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By CodeThumper
I'm all for recycling the rubber. I think you Idea is realy good. We have a track at a school near by that is made up of mostly recycled rubber.
By Rishi
I still have a pair I got in '80. There is a thriving industry making these. It cost me all of 3 cents for a pair. The normal price is 2 cents. The extra was for the embellishment of a pair of iron buckles!

I am sure I clocked more miles out of this than the truck that originally had it.

But our day time temperature is in the 90s throughout the year and one can wear these open sandals.


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