Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
By Dan_uk
What's the main problem in the world other than war? Pollution. So an engine that would create minimal pollution would surely be welcome. If a motor is reversed, it acts as a generator. So for example, a light aircraft could have two motors. One that is started conventionally by diesel but run in the opposite direction to generate electricity. the power that is created would be sent into a large capacitor until there was enough power to start the primary engine which would be an electric engine. When the primary engine is running it would be connected back to the secondary engine and the diesel starter stopped. Therefore the two motors could run on power provided by eachother (IREM). Some kind of transformer system would be needed to make the output of the primary engine be stepped up enough to power the secondary. Of course this would need a lot of brainpower to work and it would be quite costly and heavy too. But im sure it can be done. This could be the future for aviation!

Reward: Being able to see prototypes, models etc.. before being marketed (if it ever gets that far!)
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By Steve
Are you sure this isn't just another "perpetuum mobile"-type invention? :-?
By Dan_uk
wats perpetuum-mobile? lol, im only a student not a pro!
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By Steve
Dan_uk wrote:wats perpetuum-mobile? lol, im only a student not a pro!

It's an invention that looks (too) good on paper but can't be built because it violates one (of two) basic law of physics. A good example is an engine that runs forever without needing additional energy from the outside (e.g. by reloading itself through its own generator). Physically that's impossible, because you can never get as much energy out of a system that you put in in the first place. (Hope that's explained more or less correctly. ;-) )

If you invent a perpetuum mobile anyway, you'll be perpetually rich. Trust me. :-D (Alternatively, you can also invent a time machine.)
By Dan_uk
hmm ok fair enough. but like i said if you step up the output energy which is then stored and continuously topped up, surely it CAN be done? and i take it u mean that its as 'impossible' as building a time machine. thats not impossible either as there is a sound theory. all we need is more research and scientific development.
By Rishi
I am afraid that Steve is right. IREM can be realised only in REM sleep.

The IREM as described violates the second law of thermodynamics. So far no such exception has been found. This is identical to saying that one can generate power using a hydroelectric turbine using water from a dam, pump the water back using part of the power generated, and go on for ever tapping off the excess power.

Theoretically thepower needed to pump, say, a million gallons of water is exactly equal to that produced by letting out a million gallons of water from the reservoir. But in reality the situation is different. A generator and a pump are only about 90% efficient even when well made.Which means that you can pump back only 810,000 gallons water with the power generated using 1 million gallons of water. In the next cycle you can pump back 81% of 810,000 gallons and so on. Pretty soon your generator and the pump wil grind to a halt.

If any one offers you free flight tickets on this sort of a plane, I strongly recommend you to politely decline and take a train.


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