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By Steve
Most mobile phones seem to suffer from severe depressions. Owners of cheaper models won't notice, but if yours has a vibration alert, you can put it to the test: Simply place your phone on a high table and dial your own number. See how your phone slowly inches towards the edge and tries to jump off the cliff? Smart manufacturers could put and end to this lemming-like behavior by using a non-vibrating cover (e.g. rubber) for the back of the phone.

Reward: Since I'm not materialistic, a psychiatrist for my phone would do. However, if you're a manufacturer, you might as well present me with an entirely new one (preferably your latest model). Thank you!
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By thinktankak
I have recently been browsing the internet for rubber cellphone skin cases. I found a variety for many different phones. The rubber skin is a good step but I am not sure if that will keep cellphones from being suicidal on smooth counter (since this problem is directly related to mu, or the coefficient of friction between your cellphone and wherever you place). However a two to three centimeter gel case may do the trick.

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