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By prankster
Wouldn't it be amazing if you could easily pack away your dartboard? Well what if all you had to do was blow it up each time you wanted to play?
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By Steve
Well, I see an obvious problem with this idea - any solutions? ;-)
By Rishi
If the operational side is 1/8 inch thick and made of a self sealing rubber like silicone it may be possible to avoid a blowout every time a dart lands. If we connect a can of compressed carbon-di-oxide any small leaks can be neutralised.

By boboisgreat
This is very similar to an idea I had years ago. Its simple, really. You want to be able to pack away your dart board easily, yet you don't want to puncture the board itself, right? Exactly. Simply cover the board with reactive plating, similar to that found on an M1 Abrahams, just much smaller. Every time a dart hits the board, the reactive plating deflects the strike saving the board from puncture. Voila! you have an intact and easy to store dart board.
By sk8mad85
how small would you want to pack it away in, like a pocket. also, would you want it to just get thinner or actually like fold. i think its possible to make this product, but i dont know many people who play darts, would be a product to mass produce or limit production.
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By Steve
As for the plating: this would make your darts blunt halfway through the first game. The true challenge is that darts actually need to intrude a dart board. ;-7
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I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but respond to boboisgreat's comment about the reactive armour plating on the dartboard to "protect" the board from puncture. I hope he was joking, as reactive armour works by EXPLODING when hit so as to deflect incoming armour piercing rounds in wartime. So the first time you used this "dartboard", would likely be the last time you used it as well while the forensics team recommends you for this year's Darwin Awards. ;-7
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