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By John Thomas Penny
These socks will change the way the result would be if you had socks a dog could actually chew.

Reward: Just want to make a difference.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Wouldn't it be better to have socks a dog WOULDN'T chew?

If not,... then make them out of Kevlar (tm)
By Jerms271
i thought you have good ideas but i do not know that i would use it but i do not like animals but i did do it with a friend and her dog and she loved it great idea :-B
By midoh
I've encountered this problem myself,it's galling/irritating/maddening to find one's sock half devoured by Fido!
I think one possibility would be to get a sock and immerse it in some substance that is totally harmless but tastes absolutely vile to our doggy freinds.Unfortunately dogs don't discuss their likes and dislikes regarding different tastes.I'd say a lot of experimentation would be needed.
Ideally, this substance would also have human body odour added to it.If the mut's first experience of chewing a sock leaves him with an unforgetably vile taste(in the dog's view),he would never ever want to eat a human's sock again.Well that's the theory!
Perhaps veternarian's might be able to give a handle on what would be the substance most likely to achieve this effect.
Hope this gives you something to go on!

Best regards,

P.S. In the meantime, hide ur sks!
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