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By Dirty Clothers
EVERYONE HATES sorting socks. Don't you. Well, my idea is a bag that is made of mesh, it is sewed to hold 10 pairs of sock/10 seperate compartments. You place one pair of socks in each compartment and just throw the whole thing in the washer, it can also go into the dryer. Then when you're done cleaning them, you just take them out of each compartment.

Reward: Saves Time.
By d.vincent
:-b It would seem that placing each pair of socks into it's own pocket is an awful lot like 'sorting socks'. Just a thought.
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By Steve
Sure - but that wouldn't make those beautiful screeching sounds that mesh compartments would cause in a dryer. :-]
By Guest
I'm sure i've seen little paper clip type things to clip pairs of socks together in the wash. Can't remember where i saw them (maybe i just made it up!!)
I think it's a good idea. But then again, the practical side of me just buys same coloured socks! Still...i like the idea.
By patrick
somebody in holland (netherlands) just brougt those things on the market. very practical when living on your own 8-o
By headtripz
Good idea!
The doing sounds a chore, but the end result is organized...
Gave me a good idea for one of my invents!!! thanx ;-D
If some has done it, just better it!! heh
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By Michael D. Grissom
The plastic sock clips mentioned in a reply above were available at Wal Mart and Kmart at least 15 years ago. I have a whole drawer full of them and wouldn't wash my socks any other way. When I take my socks off, I put them in these keep-your-socks-together clips and toss them into the hamper. I never take them off the clips unless I'm ready to use the socks.

Look for colorful plastic rings that come attached in two's and have small triangles of plastic (part of the same mold) extending from each ring toward the center. These triangles hold the socks inside the rings.

Too bad we can't drag and drop images into these responses. It would be so much easier than trying to explain some things (Pix is worth a thousand.... ).
I tend to put socks and other small washables in a mesh lingere bag, zip it up and throw it in the wash! Works fine and ALL socks come out with their mates (provided I put both in the bag in the first place!)

Especially helpful when you have small children. Thier socks seem to get eaten by machines more.

Just keep the bag on top of your hamper or wherever you put your dirty clothes. Makes it easy to put the small things in it and you toss it with the rest of the stuff when taking it all ot the washer.
By Majesticmare
It's sounds really great but my only problem is that I loose my socks before they even et to the washer B-)
By midoh
There is a zero cost solution to this problem.Buy only black socks! This eliminates colour co-ordination/matching problems.Besides,after waking up and getting out of bed, the last thing the oul' brain needs is a missing coloured-sock treasure-hunt problem!
By Zing
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