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By jsutton78
My idea is simple. Since I am in tech support, they should have an adapter that takes monitor, usb, parallel, etc and outputs it into a single connection. The other end would have a single connection that would plug into the computers monitor, usb etc. The point of the connector is for quick disconnects in a business environment.

Reward: I dunno...
By cillig
They do, it is called a tranceiver. Many kvm's have them built in. What tech support do you work for so I never buy a product from the company or companies that you support. Also, please feel free to forward my comments to your manager.
By rocketeer1985mlm
hahahaha, i made my own cable for my monitor at home. It might be what you mean?? You mean something that is easier to connect and disconnect in a hurry. Well I use the standard plug on the computer but then I cut the cable and made a quick connection plug that snaps the cable together and I put rubber bands on to keep it together... so you jusy slid off the rubber bands and pull it apart and bam you can move it in a hurry. I dunno. Its pretty pointless, but I got bored and it was something to do. If thats what you want I can send you my data on it. I got loads of projects I did while deployed in Iraq. Im night shift and not too much went on and it wasnt like there was a whole hell of a lot else to do but take broke *beep* and play with it.
By jstr
LOL i share the frustration from when I workd tech support. I someone should just melt the power cables onto the wall. The amount of times I had to get users to plug their computers in... and they are always so angry when you sugest it :(

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