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By midoh
I'm kinda sick & tired of the shaving routine (I normally use a disposable razor for a wet shave) and can't help feeling that there has to be an easier way. Perhaps miniature robots (aka. 'BOTS' )invisible to the naked eye but with large enough cutters to cut the shaft of hair follicles could be made. They could be progammed to cut down growing stubble on an on-going basis. Maybe they could do their work while your asleep. Just think of it, waking up and realising you've already been shaved by your own Nano-bots!(Nano: dimensions 1000 times smaller than a micro-metre)

Reward: Free shaves in perpetuity!
By Rishi
Shades of 'The Fantastic Voyage'!

A class fellow of mine had a luxuriant moustache and baby smooth face without a trace of hair on it. When asked to explain, he said that he uses a depillatory cream to remove his beard once a fortnight or even longer.

If I remember right one of Asimov's characters uses a similar potion to shave.

By MissPlayful
Sounds like a great idea in principle Midoh but I do have one question. How are you going to control these nanobots? What if they get loose - you may wake up as bald as a bowling ball. And for heaven’s sake don’t let them breed. I can see it now. Nanobots - the scourge of the twenty-first century. The Great Nanobot Plague - a wave of nanobots sweeping around the world, each night millions of men, women and children going to bed hairy and waking up totally bald. “Nanobot syndrome” - a severe psychological disorder caused by the shock of waking up, looking in the mirror and discovering you are completely bald and denuded. Or by coming home from work and being greeted by your hairless dog.

In order to get this plague under control you will need to invent nanopredabots - tiny nanorobots that will hunt down and destroy nanobots. And if nanopredabots get out of control you will need to invent larger nanopredabots, and so on till we have whole ecosystems of nanorobots crawling around on us.

I’m feeling itchy already. I think I’ll go down to the store and purchase a flea collar just in case.
By midoh
:-? MissPlayful raises the question of how nanobots could be controlled and prevented from causing havoc(premature baldness,nanobot syndrome,nanobot plagues etc. etc.)
I think that they might be programmed to work with the hosts' natural sleep rythm.Perhaps the temperature changes or changes in brain- wave activity could be picked up by sensors that the nanobots would be equipped with.
It may be some time before the first nanobot for this application makes its' debut, so maybe Missplayful should postpone purchasing the flea-collar for a while! ;-)
midoh, I hope you've discovered some sort of laser hair removal or 'waxing' solution in the last year since this miniature hair eating bot idea sprouted. We'd have a better chance of strengthening the hair on a cat's tongue and training it to lick off our facial hair as we sleep before this idea.

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