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By eddie george
My idea is a washing machine that isn't! What this idea consists of is a 'maybe' possibility toward having a scanning device on the corner of this machine that you scan clothing you have and that scan is stored in its hard drive for later use. The machine has sensors within its chamber that recognizes all previously input fabrics and eliminates ANY foreign matter by ULTRASONIC VIBRATION thus reducing the total WASH period and the rinse cycle could possibly be reduced to a mere 1 litre SPRAY CYCLE to remove residuals after being processed.

Reward: To be considered for its time and resource reduction
By Zing
I saw a sonic washer on a program that used to exist and be called Beyond 2000. It had british accented hosts and i remember one featuring in JAPAN washers that didnt need soap (it had water) because it cleaned sonically.

they should definately perfect this and get it out to the market (probably is).
By Rishi
We regularly clean medical implants containing fabrics using ultrasonics.
You need water or other liquid medium for this to be effective. Ultra sound does not transfer effectively through air. Compare lithotripsy for disintegrating kidney stones using ultrasound, wherein the patient is immersed in a water bath.

Fabrics tend to absorb ultra sound, which means that higher energy levels are needed.

For our purpose we do need to use a detergent. Overall, the cycle time is longer, if anything, than in conventional washing machines, but you do get a clinically clean product.

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