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By Gwhiz
A fast drying clear liquid plastic material that, when dry, is smooth and slippery and will prevent sharp toe nails from tearing nylons or pantyhose at the tip. Easily removable and non toxic. The material should be slippery to ease the effort in putting on the nylons, and clear to wear with sandels. Could be used for many other jobs too.

Reward: A nice dinner.
By Rishi
Non-toxic, clear, dipmoulded PVC thimbles and gloves are already available in the market. Slip thimbles on the toes. If thimbles are unavailable, cut off the fingers of the gloves and put them on. They are clear enough to be almost invisible.

These liquids are also available in the raw state. However in this state they are toxic and cannot be directly coated on the toes.

An expensive option is to use the clear resins used by the dentists. These are non-toxic in the unset state also.

By Dona
Or you could just buy hose with reinforced toes.
By WakeboardingGirl
Clear Nail polish works fine for that
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