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By fountain
My butter is always too hard or too soft. If it's been in the fridge, it's too hard. If it's left out, it's practically melted. I propose an external butter container that you plug into your refrigerator, composed of some insulated conductive metal which will keep the butter at the perfect temperature, so it will melt on toast and cut easily, but not be totally melted to start off. The fridge would have plugs enabling the heat from the container to transfer into the fridge, cooling the container. Perhaps the area in the fridge where the plugs go would be sealed off so you could control the temperature of the external devices. This could be used for other things, such as cakes or whatever.

Reward: the finished product
By Rishi
Earlier day fridges came with exactly this function. They all had a butter compartment working very much on the principles outlined.
Normally the door(s) and walls of the fridge have a heavy thermal insulation to minimise external heat entering the fridge. The butter compartment alone had less insulation on the out side. It also had a sliding door inside, which gave the user some control over the temperature of the butter by isolating it more or less from the interior.

The appliance manufacturers in the US are very receptive to customer needs. A letter to them would certainly receive attention. (May be a free beta version too for trials!)

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By Steve
Over here in Europe they also sell fridges with what they call a "basement temperature" compartment - basically for the same purpose that you explained, to store stuff that shouldn't be too cold. Not sure if that's available in the States, though.
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