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By dimmelus
There's thousands of websites to ask and receive advice on just about anything. What if there were to be a randomized one? Let me explain...

You'd get an account and logon. You can either choose to give advice or receive advice.

If you decide to receive advice, you select that option. It brings up a bunch of categories, kind of like a search engine (i.e friends, buying products, relationships, traveling, etc.). If it doesn't fit under any of them, you select "other". Now, what happens, is, you type in a question. This question is then added to the huge list of questions stored in the database under that category. First the question gets reviewed, then added. Other people can then add their advice to your question if/when they receive it. Hopefully there is someway to make sure everything is reviewed and censored so no one asks stupid questions.

The great thing is, you can come back in a day or two-or however long it takes, and get a list of responses. Some may be extremely helpful, some extremely horrible, some just plain funny, some just plain stupid. After all, you can rate their response! You could even e-mail them and thank them, or ask more questions.

If you decide to give advice, you click on that option. It brings up a bunch of categories (same as above). You then click on a category OR choose "All Categories". You then randomly receive a question from someone who's asking for advice. You can type up a response to the question, or skip it and receive another randomized question. If you've seen a similar question, you can select an option to look at previous advice you've given, and copy it. Once you answer someone's question, your reply gets added to a list of responses to that person's question, and they can rate the helpfulness of your response. This helps your rating and give you added benefits, you look cool, whatever.

Giving advice is a good way to cure boredom. It will increase your skills in communication and sociology. You are helping other people with their questions/problems and it makes you feel all good inside, right? That, and you can ask for advice in return. Everyone helps eachother. Sharing is caring. Cool, huh?

Other things to consider:
- Set up a system where you can only submit a certain amount of questions. That, or for every question you submit, you must give responses to 3 questions, or something along those lines. Just so there isn't a ton of questions, and very few answers.
- If someone gives advice, and the one asking the question has a question about that person's advice, they can response to their advice, with another question. (If that sentence didn't make sense, just ignore it).
- If too many people are asking the same question, create a top ten question list with the top rated responses.

Reward: I would be interested in being part of the project and working with the staff to create and/or maintain it.
By renrutv
Um, isn't this pretty much the same thing as a newsgroup? Ok, it's "randomized", but why would you want advice from people who aren't expert in the given area? I just don't get it.
By dimmelus
renrutv wrote:Um, isn't this pretty much the same thing as a newsgroup? Ok, it's "randomized", but why would you want advice from people who aren't expert in the given area? I just don't get it.

That's why the user would select a "category" before receiving a randomized question. You decide whether or not to give someone advice, and which category to give advice in. That and there would some type of rating system implemented.
There's knowledge out there - more inside our minds than in our books or published on our websites. I LOVE the idea and have had many similar threads running through my mind.

It can be done. There are some interesting models that one might follow. There's a job / contracting board where those in need of software pose their requirements and available programmers post their bids. Kinda close. There's plenty of BBS's with local, self-ordained (and some quite exempliary) gurus. But my vision too included a model of questions, experts/panels, optional discussions, history&concensus, and optional "what happened" follow-ups.

But how to make enough $ to keep it alive (or better)? I found several working areas already. One is DIY with a strong connection with Lowe's - you can ask the expert how to fix a plumbing problem. Another, I forget now its name, had more general categories and experts that had to be approved/elected.

I did something kinda like this with inspirational quotes (you know - where you aren't looking for a direct reply but could find some guidance in inspirational and motivational words of others). It was well recieved, but didn't have that $ enought thing and has since past away.

I'd love to see this idea (in its greater forms) come true!!!
By dimmelus
Yea, so it's been a while since I first came up with this idea. I've received a few e-mails from people who want to help work on it, but no one has any experience or money to contribute!

I have a server setup, but right now it's for personal use. I'm wondering if I could convert it to handle this project in the future, when I gain more experience in the CS field.

Yea, so basically... give me a couple of years.

We'll see how the internet/technology world ends up in the future (and hopefully no one will have hijacked my idea by then). IF everything seems to turn out fine by then, I'll get started on the project. I'll probably get some aquaintences to help me out.

Anyways, I'll let you guys know, if this site still exists in the future. Thanks for the input.
By SpasticatedLizard
Hey there dimmelus.

I am also interested in this idea, if you decide to implement it. I'm afraid I don't have any money, but I do have a little experience in website design and administration.


By xanado
Brilliant idea! I don't think I have much to give for the implementation of this idea, but if it ever comes true, I will certainly be an active participant. Congratulations for the idea and I sincerly hope you pull it off.

Good luck!
By foturis
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