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By Allen D Leftwich
Why have a house and senate? Suppose legislation was to be brought to the voting public instead of debated and voted on in the house and senate. With the internet being what it is today, why do we need elected representatives to vote on laws on our behalf when we now have a level of technology that can enable us to vote for ourselves? Maybe a certain day of every month could be devised to vote on, like for example the second Thursdays of every month. Legislators could make the bills to be presented to the public and special interest groups could lobby us instead of them. It would certainly be much fairer and less likely to be corruptible.

I am also against the practice of slipping unrelated legislation into bills. If internet voting on legislation ever catches on, I would like to see the line item veto also given to the people. People that don't have internet access could ask permission from a friend, relative, or neighbor to use their internet to vote or go to the public library to vote with their internet access. A person's social security number and birth date could be used to send their vote to make it valid. A set of master computers could have all registered voters information in its database for comparison to the incoming votes. Lobbyists would have to educate the public on the pros of their legislation and opposing positions would have to educate us on the cons of those bills presented. It might be time to start decentralizing the legislative body on the state and federal levels in this way.

Reward: Just get it done.
By will
By will
encryption means nothing with hackers, although they didnt quite make it, they own the internet, you just never see them
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
If you're using the word encryption in the traditional sense, Will, you're wrong: the war between code-makers and code-breakers is finally over, thanks to quantum cryptography.

In the broader sense, you're right, of course - hackers have more than enough toys left to play with that will make this idea impractical in at least the near future.
By will
there are always temporary fixes, it might stop them for now, but in the long run hackers always come out ahead. its like a car, if someone can make it, someone else can break it.
By will
btw, looking into quantum cryptography right now
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
This may, surprisingly, be a case where even such creative minds as hackers have to bow before physics...

Of course, there will be numerous non-cryptography-related loopholes begging to be exploited.
By NGEddie
Theres always a way around any system - thats yet been devised.

But my main objection is this...

People Are Morons..

Myself included in many aspects of the word.
And i incresingly find it more true with respect to politics.

putting this power into the hands of people who dont understand it would be like voting a jerry springer guest Dictator.

By Michael
The word here is CRACKERS, crackers bust things, hackers learn things. The word Hacker began as;
someone who plays jokes on people,
then it came to mean someone who learns stuff,
then hackers where people who learned everything about computers.
And now morons scamper around the net with Huge
user-friendly viruses.

Yes, I do believe people are morons.

And if theres a way to do something, theres a way to undo somthing,..... even with new, wonderfull, and "unbreakable" toys.
Man Is Very, Very Fallible.

now that I have thrown in my two cents............ goodbye!
::Michael bows out::
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By Michael D. Grissom
The worlds best hacker would become president by a land-slide.
By Alober
I think this is a great idea. I was just suggesting this idea today at lunch! I understand technology needs to become a little more secure (okay, a LOT more), but if we could get around that it could work. Perhaps if it were made more convenient people would be more proactive about participating in politics too.
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By FlatTop808
I don't see the technological problem being hackers (or crackers, whatever) placing illegal votes. Strong encryption will prevent that. The problem would be something like a denial of service attack on the voting servers, or some other method of preventing people from voting. Even denying a small part of the population their right to vote would mean the process is unfair and therefor void.
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By Michael D. Grissom
OK... everybody immediately lock-on to FlatTops IP and encryption codes in order to SAVE THE WORLD! He obviously knows far too much to be allowed to live.

:-D ;-D :~(
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By FlatTop808
I have, on occasion, been accused of being too smart for my own good (you can stop laughing now). This is obvioulsy not the case as I am way too dumb to keep my mouth shut.
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