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By Allen D Leftwich
Some years ago, my college roomate asked me an interesting question about our current system of taxation. He was wondering if the democracy that we have would improve if the taxed citizens were allowed to choose where the money went. They would pick the important programs by giving a certain percentage of their tax money to different government agencies. A new tax form would have to be devised that would allow the paying public to allot a percent of their money to different departments of the government. There would be between twenty and thirty different categories. Examples would include National Defense, Department of the Treasury, Department of Agriculture, Department of the Interior, Research and Developement, NASA, welfare, foreign aid, National disaster relief and prevention, National Debt reduction and several other general categories where the Federal government spends your money. This would be like casting your vote in the most important way, with your dollars. I am quite sure that with the great diversity of National concerns nothing important would be left underfunded.

Included in the twenty or more categories would be a miscellaneous block. This is for the people that don't give a care where the money goes, or forget to make the percentages in the blocks add up to one hundred percent. This would also insure that if something important is underfunded, it can receive adequate resources. The legislators would then decide where that money would be spent. It is important that we not shoot ourselves in the foot by not putting an adequate percentage number in the categories that directly concern ourselves.

Reward: Just get it done.
By Allen D Leftwich
One concern is that this system is too democratic. If, theoretically, something vital to the national interests were to go under funded for a while we could lose our national sovereignty. If our countries defenses became malequipped and under trained, we could lose in the struggle to protect our interests here and over seas. The system will have defeated itself and us. This could not happen because there are too many people and corporations that know the importance of this area. I am about to address the next reason why it wouldn't fail. The lobbiests will make certain vital categories will not be allowed to falter. Instead of the Washington lobby groups just pressuring our representatives, they will also have to educate the public on the importance of their special interests. They may presently perk and bribe many politicians to their side, but let them try that on the American collective. Maybe instead of undermining majority interests, they will be forced to educate us so that we will chose to give certain agencies of the federal government a healthy tax percentage. The only problem with implementing this new improved democracy is to overcome the attitudes of status quo in D.C. Some political figures don't want to part with all that power they enjoy so much. Some would say that this type of plan would be unfair to those that do not pay taxes. I'm sure all of us that do want to cry for those people right now. If it must be said then so be it. If you do not pay taxes you really shouldn't have a voice in how it is spent. If they would like to pay some amount I'm sure their will be no limits on the amount of contributions you can make to the categories that you like. Another thing would be that spending could not exceed tax revenues collected. That would definitely put the deficit out of commission. I urge any politician reading this not to dismiss this idea just because of the inability to overspend if it should become necessary. Parts of this plan could be amended if it became essential. Don't throw this baby out with the bath water just because a few things proposed may not be favorable. It would be a good experiment for states of the union that have an income tax. A time limit could be placed on this brain child to see if it really is good. Recommendation is for a three month minimum trial with a two year maximum. A repeal clause could be added to the amendment if it be comes detrimental to important things. Revoting in the house and senate would have to be done at the end of the two year trial to implement this for good. People in power may say that this is a bad idea, but it turned out that John Hancock, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and a few others had a dumb plan over two-hundred years ago that founded the best system of government in the world today.
By zyx Rationalist
Hey , imagine What will happen to the budget plans then, and how will one determine the amount of taxes to be collected then ?
By DC insider
"Best system of government in the world today." Hee hee hee hee...
By lazyboy
more power to ya half my check goes to uncle sam and the other half goes to strippers and beer oh and past due child support
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