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By aarthidhar
There are several times when u fumble to fit the key into the hole. If the edge of the keyhole in the lock or on the door is coated with luminous material it can be easily found in the dark. No need for torch or any external light source.
By Rishi
May be the postings at 'Self illuminating strips' below can throw some light on this?

By shankitr
dear Creative genius!!!!!

thatz a wonderful one to come up with!!! i have wondered why not have switches of the same kind!!!! why not glue glow-in-the -dark tatoos to the keyholes.may be a demonic character tatoo wud also serve the purpose of keeping unwanted elements to tinkle with the key hole at bay!!!!!!!!!!!

shankar @ shanki
Consultant - Creativity
By boboisgreat
I had this idea a week ago. I think it would be far better to avoid illuminating the keyhole with light - bugs are attracted to light. Use a smelly cheese instead. The closer you get to the keyhole, the stronger the smell. Voila! then your there.
By Rishi
Unfortunately smelly cheese will attract lot more bugs, not to mention other denizens like mice, cats etc.

By shankitr
dear creative geniuses,

did anyone say smelly cheese???? good one but i sure second rishi!!!!!! n yucks.. wud end up with my hands greasy!!!!!!!!.... why not locks without keys???? hey i did see a lock which works on finger prints!!!! now thatz tooo gud!!!!!!!!!! why not ,going by the same line, locks that recognize ur face ( even in dark)!!!!!!!!!!!.... keep thinking guys!!!
By Rishi
Make the key a magnet and the key hole cover ferromagnetic. If you have fingers you can feel out the key hole in any case, I guess.

By prax
Seems to be very promising idea in terms of user of each door illuminating now the question is when should it illuminate?
how long will it take?
To overcome these problems i suggest we use plastic which glows at time one sees them in market now a days mainly in kids toy.make key hole profile coated with that glowing material !!

By Daryl666
my car has this feature. when i cant see the keyhole i pull on the handle and A LED inside the lock lights up and viola i can see my keyhole. why not put that on any other lock
By GadgetmanKen
One cheap way is to go to the nearest craft or fabric store, like Michaels or Franks etc, and buy some glow in the dark fabric paint. I think I may have even gotten it at Walmart, too. I've got some green glow in the dark fabric paint that I used for something. It should work. Although it only glows for so long after the light is removed. Don't know how long exactly tho.
By notthenameiwant
Why don't they just make keys fit eaiser into locks? Obviously the key has to line up with the locks but if the tip of the key was more round and the keyhole was almost like a funnel it would go in a lot eaiser. Anyone who drives a car with a laser-cut key (mercedes, vw) knows what I'm talking about- those types of keys slide in easy too.
By Hecate
How about consolidating this idea with one to make sure you find the right key right away (it's so irritating when you have try key after key after key for hours in the dark)? When the key nears the keyhole the send a signal to each other and both of them light up, so you can see both the keyhole and the correct key. It also would eliminate the bug problem.
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