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By aarthidhar
After a tired day at work it is very refreshing to enter ur living room and step on the doormat which releases aroma of flowers etc.The doormat should consist of pressure sensitive modules which release aroma when stepped on. Can be named aromats.

Reward: an aromat
By Rishi
Response to Aarthi'spost
Good idea. There are many companies like Nordon in organic fine chemicals, who make micro-encapsulated flavours like orange, lime, and almonds. They can easily encapsulate floral or other perfumes.

Just sprinkle a bit of your favourite perfume in the morning on any door mat. The next time you walk on it the foot will crush the micro capsules to release the aroma. No electronics, no fuss. You can change the perfume whenever you want. Just shake out the old and sprinkle the new. Welcome a guest with her favourite perfume.

Probably you can follow your own advice to cynet on IPR and then contact the fine chemical fellows.

By aarthidhar
Hi Rishi,
Point taken. Will definitely keep u informed if I taste success(!)
in the venture. ;-7
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By Michael D. Grissom
aarthidhar <--- don't you mean 'smell success'? :-P

Rishi <--- "micro-encapsulated flavours" sounds like it might also be a match solution for the CP topic about "action pizza" (or something like that) if the capsules could be made with cheese flavor, for example, and explode like popcorn when the pizza is heated or baked.
;-D ;-D ;-D
By Rishi
Dear MDG,
you do come up with some original cocktail of ideas. More power to your elbow (for typing, that is). The headpiece seems to be holding its own anyway.

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