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By aarthidhar
For the fashion conscious mobi-lady of 2004, mobile phone is no longer a communication device, it is a fashion statement. Why not provide a pocket mirror in the clamshell (samsung clamshells waste that space!) for that last minute dab of lipstick!

Also a mobile which is shaped circular and can be fitted within a compact circular powder case? Would that be asking for too much?!

Reward: One such for me and a dozen more for gifting my tribe
By Rishi
While you are at it you should extend the idea to include a camera to record the results of the last 'dab'. You can then replay it and apply corrections. You can also have an album of the best efforts so far and 'mix and match', if that is the word.

Cell phone makers are desperate to inviegle customers with added features. Especially in Asia. You must cash in on your idea by writing to Samsung and members of that ilk.


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