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By caseygilliam
Medical information is life! I would like to have all of my info (med's, dr phone#, allergys, conditions, etc.) on a SD chip these are the little 1/2 by 1/2 inch chips in digital camers and palm pilots that store information. They can hold 128 megs which in the right media is my life story's worth. Then if something happened to me the emt could pop it in his palm and know all they need inc. my insurance co. and who to call and what my needs may be. I could wear it around my neck or in a charm on my key chain. Not too big, but easy to find and easy to update on my pc. It could save time in a new dr.'s office, and could be the new standerd for hospitals, too. This would be current info to help save a life. Think about all the lives and time this could save.

Reward: knowing that this use of available tec. was used for the good of all people.
By Rishi
There are many such devices already available with a USB termination, which can store upto 560 mb. This can store even your Xrays, CT Scans, or other images as well as medication, contra-indications..the works.

One version (128 mb) comes disguised as a pen, which writes too.

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By Steve
I think the idea wasn't mainly about the devices but about actually making it happen. :-? My instincts tell me that making such a data collection mandatory would cause huge privacy concerns, but even if the decision to store your data on such a disk is voluntary, the hospitals are unlikely to release it. Actually I remember one occasion when I needed an old x-ray, but they wouldn't give it to me.

So probably there needs to be a political decision in the first place that makes it possible to obtain all the data. And then of course the hospital/doctor would need some sort of "docking station" where you can plug in your data card and update it before you leave.
By Rishi
Steve, You are right. Hospitals give out only discharge summaries and patient info data sheets and little else. In India the patient gets to keep X Rays and diagnostic results got from sources outside the hospital. There is very little by way of insurance in India.

I guess one tends to think locally.

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By Steve
If you have an external examination for the hospital, it's the same over here in Austria, too. Last time the hospital mixed up the addresses and sent the diagnostic report to me. It started with "Dear colleague..." - nice read! So they do give out information, even if not on purpose. ;-D
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By Steve
Rishi wrote:Could not find the thread on 'Dispensing Medication'.

Cynet asked me if he could still develop it himself, and since it was his own submission I removed (=hid) it from the database.
By caseygilliam
The Idea is that I can put what information on it that I want. I know my drugs and the amount I take , when I last went to the dr. and what I am alergic to. If I have had a heart atack or not or anythat I thing an EMT might need (like if I had seisures and passed out and couldn't tell them) . The other part would would just be refrence info. like where I live my home phone number and to call my wife if they were to find me dead somewhere. there is other info that it might take setting up with hospitals and dr's offices to get the good stuff but they could just put the file number on the chip then they would beable to find it in their computer.\
By Rishi
What caseygilliam wants can easily be done with the kind of device mentioned in the earlier post. This is a plug-and-play device called the FCG USB Drive Pen (128 or 256 MB) from FutureCom Global(Scottsdale, AZ, U.S.). According to the company, whatever system the device is plugged into will automatically detect it as a removable disc drive.

In India we get similar devices from Taiwan up to 1GB capacity at USD75 to 100.

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By Greenearthman
I work in the Emergency room and have to take a patients personal info all the time, what would work instead of costly and hard to implement chips is just a standard 3 x 5 card which has all necessary info.

I have had patients have such a card and it helps.
the card would have insurance info, doctor info, allergies, emergency contact, address, etc.

There are necklaces with medical insurance info i have seen.

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