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It would be nice to have a liquid drink that changes color throughout the night. The air temperature would gradualy and slightly heat the glass causing the liquid inside to change color.

Problem is would it be safe to drink such a drink. If not just reverse the effect. Have a liquid inside two thin layers of glass inside the glass and the temperature (of the drink) inside the glass changes the outside color. Have a light imbeded in the bottom of the cup to enhance the effect.

Reward: One cool drink, and a girl to dance the night away.
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By cynet
Upon further research, to my dismay, this product has been invented. :~(

The glass itself responds to the temperature of its content. The product is a bowl. Found it from a link from; a great resource for high tech gadgets.

This isn't fair. At least it nice hearing it from someone else but when you discover your own idea on the web it's kind of a letdown. At least you heard it hear first. Now discover it yourself.

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