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By myst1q
I bet almost everyone must have had trouble finding a misplaced remote control.

My idea is to have a remote control (universal) fitted on the armrest of the sofa so that it will never be misplaced.

Reward: one for me with a matching love seat!
By flutter29
:-° How about one of those keyring thing so you can press it an the remote lights up an does a dance ha ha
By sarahtia
I think I'd rather not ruin my furniture by putting a remote into it.
You know, I think the remote losing problem is a really hyped up thing. I mean, if you put the remote in the place it's supposed to go, and you know it's there, you'd never lose it.
I think this would be cool not for the losing part but just the look, and universal. i would like one that can pop out of the armrest and pop back in then it always has a special spot. AND it charges when you put it back in the armrest. mmmmm hmmmm

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