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By mrdee11091
This system needs lots of work and research but basically it would consist of strong electronic magnets placed in the sides rear and front of cars with some sort of swivel lock devive the idea being that if a car or lorry were to start to crash into your car, a strong north or south pole magnetic force field would spin in opposite pole to the approaching vehicle and lock on both vehicles, so that north poles would push south pole magnets away, pushing the vehicle away from any collision from you, like two magnets opposite poles of the magnet push each other away.

Reward: be a famous inventor lol
By Teegan
To power a magnet that can stop a tonne moving at 120kph, you'd need one massive generator or a battery the size of a truck. however, if you were to use capacitors to give only a burst of repelling force, it could help. I like this crazy idea. Might have better use in trains.

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