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By mrdee11091
How about having a mini air pump in the tyres of cars, bikes, etc. so that when your tyre reaches a certain low the pump activates, releasing a slow pressure until it's up to original pressure.
By Rishi
If the loss of pressure is caused by a puncture it may be safer to identify and correct the fault. This can probably be achieved using a solid state pressure sensor and telemetry to send info to the driver's monitor. Tiny sensors are cheap as also the telemetry chips. This is needed since the wheels are rotating and the info has to come to a stationary comp inside the vehicle.

The aims of the original posting can also be realized with no electronics by attaching a small compressed air cylinder and a tiny mechanical pressure regulator (both available) to the valve tube. The whole assembly can be arranged to rotate with the wheel.

One has to check the status of the cylinder periodically when the vehicle is stopped and top up if needed. If this is very frequent a slow puncture may be inferred.

By sevenizm
Hey 1st my apology. I had read another post about tires (read it in Gradient Tires) and replied with this same idea here. It just came to me as a solution to the other post. I haven't read this idea til now. We think alike.

With that said....

In the chamber with the tire repressurizer, place a can of "fix a flat"(fix a flat is a product you put into your tire when you have a flat. It seals the hole from the inside). Or maybe all the gas in the whole tire could be "fix a flat". That will solve the puncture problem if the hole isn't too big.

That will be hot. Get a flat and the car automatically seals the hole and refills the tire. Somehow I know this will work.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I think you're right Steven, it could work IF you used a two part compound and held the tire at a fairly high rpm until the compound cured. Otherwise, like Fix-a-Flat, it might cure unevenly and render the tire out of balance until cleaned out.

Now I'm curious about how that newly US marketed no-flat tire is working out. They started TV ads on it about 2 years ago but haven't heard anything recently. A quick google search brought up far too many to read right now but here are some: ... 3100a.html ... thaneTires
And you've just GOT to read this one!!!!:
Sounds like an incredible show that I wouldn't want to miss!!!
By Daryl666
this has already been made and is implemented in the hummer H1 for sure and i am not sure bout the H2 though. they did it with an onboard compressor. and a run-flat system all integrated. the runflat however can only go 20mph and travel 30 miles withought causing damage.
By johnmichael
Thought of something similar with living bacteria in the tyre releasing gas to maintain pressure. see you tube "new invention- self inflating tyre"

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