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By Maskone
How about a heated wrist mouse pad. You know those mouse pads with the soft wrist support pad on the edge? Well how about putting a little heater in there to make it warm. That way it relaxes your wrist as you use your mouse.

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By Michael D. Grissom
For someone who's anemic or the like this would be great! For normal people I would think that the wrist rest should be chilled.

WAIT!... just had a second thought... do you by any chance live within a very cold climate?
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By Michael D. Grissom
I know -- my X-wife always had to be buried in a pile of quilts and blankets while I had to be directly in the path of an air-conditioned hurricane!!! We were total opposites in everything. So, I'm guessing that both type mice/pads might be practical?
By lyssalynn13
There were a few earlier posts about capturing the heat produced by your computer and using it for something useful. Possibly, you could use that idea to capture the heat, and find a mouse pad made of a material that absorbs heat and use this heat from the computer to warm the mouse pad....Just a thought.....
By incogneato
This is a really old post, but I stumbled across it on Google and couldn't resist making a few comments.

A heated or warm mouse pad is a great idea. My sister invented a mouse hand warmer blanket pouch and I put a warming mouse pad inside of it. It really makes a difference in the winter.

My hands get really freezing cold so I also use a mouse that warms up, too. Don't laugh. It really makes a difference.

The USB warming devices use infrared heat which has healing effects. You can read about the healing effects of infrared heat at

I want to find a keyboard heater. I think the other hand needs some warmth, too. If you find a warm keyboard available in the USA please post the link here.

Thanks, Bernie InCogNEATO!
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