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By matthewfelgate
How about an alarm clock with a built in hard disk that you can transfer your favourite MP3 tracks to via USB. It would be like an ordinary bedside alarm clock, but the alarm would play your favourtie music MP3 to wake you up!

Reward: i want one!
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By CodeThumper
I would love to have this availability. There are certian songs I love to wake up to.

Good Idea!!
By clarencebeaks
i bought one of these (as a present) a few years ago... can't remember where tho sorry.

it wasn't great as it only had capacity for 30 secs of music - but obviously things have moved on since then
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By najr
Rather than having a hard disk in the alarm clock, how about fitting the clock with a wireless network connection to your pc in another room? That way you have access to your enitre music collection and it updates automatically as you put more cds onto the pc or download more music.
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By Beezy3
You can already buy those, you just put in a CD then choose a song and thats what it plays as the alarm.
By mekarls
Nothing wakes me up faster then my fraviorite music! Im also in a better mode compared to that ANNOYING alarm clock. What I think would be much better is plug your MP3 straight into the device. ;-D

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