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By zyx Rationalist
Over the number of years that I have lived, I have realized that, most of the time we loose filament of electric bulbs is while switching the bulb on. That must be because of sudden heating of cold filament to an instant brightness. So if we create a second electric bulb holder that fits on any existing bulb holder such that it doesn't instantly ignite the bulb to full brightness but rather smoothly increases the electric current to the fullest, then we would save a lot of money and resources of producing electric bulbs. And poorer areas where only bulbs are used will be glad to buy such a product.

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By zyx Rationalist
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By will
omg, what a good idea. there might be something invented, but for now, a simple solution is a dimmer. but a mod that when the light is switched, then gradually turns it up, pure genius. also, it would adjust your eyes much smoother, being better for them ;)
By Ender Shadow Hunter
It would require some kind of resistor to be used. The idea is doable. but it would have to be built into the circuit.
I saw a show about 10 yrs ago that showcased Edison. One segment showed a bulb that had been burning 24/7 for decades. The companies have the technology, but are too cheap to use it. It's all about the bottom line. :,-(
By AaronAgassi
This could be a lot cheaper than the current long life bulbs.

Or, another way might be to incorporate multiple filaments, each coming into use as it's successor burns out thereby melting closed a circuit in the process.
By Corey B
This is already an invention. It's caled a compact fluorescent light bulb. These last over 12 times as long as a conventional filament bulb. Worried about the color? DON'T. They make these lamps to mimic the color temperature of a regular tungsten filament lamp. PLUS, they use about a fourth of the energy.
By AaronAgassi
But those are more expensive and stick out too far from my standard desk lamps.
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By Steve
Aaron, I'm afraid it's time to get yourself a new standard desk lamp. Regular bulbs are like dinosaurs, they're close to extinction (or are dinosaurs already extinct - oh well... :-D )

[This message has proudly been typed in the light of a cflb!]
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By Michael D. Grissom
Edison's still burning bulb draws a tremendous amount of power for the light it puts out -- it's the trade-off for long life.

Long life light bulbs use a lot more power for the same light output as a standard light bulb (cheaper in the long run to buy the short life ones).

Bringing the standard bulb up to full brightness slower was accomplished years ago with a flat disk diode that you insert in the socket between the bulb and the socket to rectify the AC.

I think that the only place an old filament bulb is of use is in a cieling fan light during the winter -- to help heat the house.
By blindgraphics
I had the opporutnity to see some old Edison light bulbs first manufactured about 100 years ago, guess what folks..they still worked. I think the technology's always been's the danged.."planned obsolescence" that makes us stub our feet in the night.
By Daryl666
AaronAgassi wrote:But those are more expensive and stick out too far from my standard desk lamps.

Where are you buying your compact's? I have seen them so small you begin to wounder if it really is as bright as a 100 watt incandesent until you turn it on while your staring at it. they have made them absolutly tiny.
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